Monday, 7 May 2018

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Whatsapp Bug

Whatsapp Bug

This message can crash you phone.This forward message is gone viral on WhatsApp , this message can cause cause your Whatsapp to freeze and stop working.

WhatsApp is a standout amongst the best informing stages with more than 1.5 billion month to month dynamic clients.

This forwarded message is gone viral on WhatsApp that makes whatsapp to freeze up and stop working. The most recent spam message begins from "dark speck/blank spaces" and closures at "don't touch here." This forwarded message peruses, "In the event that you touch the dark point/ blank space then your WhatsApp will hang".

As per my research, this message contains a special characters which are made using ASCII code. 


What is ASCII? ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. PCs can just comprehend numbers, so an ASCII code is the numerical portrayal of a character, for example, 'an' or '@' or an activity or some likeness thereof.

Why it freezes whatsapp?

So why actually it makes your Whatsapp freeze? It's because these characters cantc be seen but they are there in very large amount. And when u click on that message whatapp tries to interchange the message as it's in very large amount it make your Whatsapp freeze and your Whatsapp stop working.

And this message only freezes your Whatsapp and it's doesn't affect your operating system(Android,iOS). So it's just freeze your Whatsapp and rest of things in you phone will work✌️. And this message freeze your Whatsapp and when you close whatsapp from your recent tab and reopen it. It will start working as normal as it used to work.

How it's made?

So, now let's see how actually this bug message is made .

First you will need an app called "ASCII converter"
You can download it from "playstore".

Now open the app,after you are done with installation process.
It should look like thisπŸ‘‡.

Now click on second row. And write this code 8206 8207 . Spaces between these numbers are mandatory . Otherwise it will show any other characters according to the code. This 8206 and 8207 code when you type it's actually write something but you can't see it in text box but it can be select and copy.

Now copy 8206 8207 and paste than copy again and paste do this as much time as you can do πŸ˜‰.

Now after you are done copy pasting now click on first row on "text". Now type anything you want or you can type "πŸ‘ˆ don't touch here". 

Now you are done. Now click on copy option on right side and go to Whatsapp and send someone that message and enjoy✌️πŸ™ƒ.

If you have any doubt or suggestions please comment below.
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Monday, 23 April 2018

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Protecting Against DDoS Attack

The objective of any DDoS assault is to overpower a support of the point where it never again works. While DDoS has generally been only a disturbance, there is typically a monetary effect, for example, lost deals or a spike in data transfer capacity costs. Cloud-facilitated administrations, which charge by utilization, are particularly monetarily powerless against an attack of activity.

DDoS assaults utilize huge quantities of PCs at the same time focusing on a solitary administration. The assault regularly originates from botnets, which are made out of PCs contaminated by an infection. As of late, DDoS has been utilized by political nonconformists, who crowdsource aggressors through downloadable programming.

More established DoS assaults like SYN surges utilized restricted quantities of aggressors, so it was conceivable to utilize programmed per-customer rate-constraining, or to hinder the IPs. Present day DDoS methods endeavor to maintain a strategic distance from a lot of movement for every aggressor, and depend absolutely on extensive numbers.

Numerous destinations may believe they're too little to draw in consideration. In any case, DDoS isn't a hard assault to perform. Amusingly, DDoS is even accessible as an administration. In the event that your site is sufficiently huge to draw in any business, it's sufficiently huge to pull in a potential assailant.

Diminishing the cost of an assault begins with early location. There are basic procedures you can use to alarm yourself to an assault. Run a script on your server that communicates something specific intermittently with the current activity tally: You'll get a notice either if the check hops essentially, or the message doesn't arrive. Moreover, utilize a remote observing project that occasionally checks the administration's accessibility.

A huge DDoS assault may obstruct your administration get to if the site is remote. Endeavor to ensure there's a financially savvy out-of-band administration arrangement.

When you distinguish a DDoS assault, the initial step is to recognize its one of a kind attributes. Notwithstanding the accessibility of cleverer methods, DDoS more often than not depends on animal power – which implies that the activity from the greater part of the assailants will have one of a kind likenesses. Since vast quantities of aggressors will be included, scattered over the Internet, hindering the IP locations will be almost incomprehensible.

Rather, complete a brisk parcel catch of the assault. Discovering illustrations will be moderately simple, since the vast majority of the activity will be DDoS movement. Shared characteristics can frequently be found in the URI, client specialist, or referrer. What you're searching for is an example that you can hinder with your firewall, switch ACL, IDS, and so forth. It will frequently be an ASCII or hex example at a counterbalance. Get comfortable with the capacities of your equipment, and attempt a few tests in planning.

When you have distinguished the assault unique mark, the time has come to set up a piece inside your firewall or switch to drop the greater part of parcels. Be that as it may, a high-data transfer capacity assault may just fumes your WAN connection: You'll have a perfect LAN, yet your administration will at present be inaccessible. Contact your transporter now to make sense of how to function with them amid a DDoS assault, on the off chance that they have to do the hindering for you.

Some specialist organizations offer "clean pipe" facilitating with programmed DDoS squelching. There are additionally organizations who offer items and administrations to distinguish and avert DDoS. Contingent upon the specifics of your administration, it might bode well to pay for one of these arrangements. Keep in mind the alternative of essentially facilitating the administration some place sufficiently substantial to retain the assault – however recall that DDoS against locales that charge by transmission capacity can bring about out of the blue high bills.

Amid and after a DDoS assault, request help. Your territorial CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) ought to be alarmed, as they have ability and contacts that can help you amid the assault, as well as begin the way toward making sense of who did it and how. A worldwide rundown is accessible here:

As digital violations get more modern, organizations must have the capacity to always adjust to these new security dangers. While there are no techniques or apparatuses that can totally keep DDoS assaults from happening, having a security "protection approach" set up is the initial phase in guaranteeing that you are totally arranged. The capacity to rapidly suspend this new level of assault is commensurate to ensuring organization information and your business in general.
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Monday, 16 April 2018

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How To Launch a DDoS Attack

Since we have a decent comprehension on the what DDoS is, we should investigate how it's for all intents and purposes done. 

Most servers are worked to deal with a genuinely expansive data transfer capacity and even the littler ones can give greatest rates to a few several customers. Remembering this, it is exceptionally troublesome and generally difficult to really cut down a site utilizing DOS from a solitary PC. Where your web speed may be 1Mbps, your objective server may have a few 100Mbps. This is the reason that most DOS assaults are really DDOS,that is Distributed-Denial of Service. 

DDOS assaults can without much of a stretch cut down greater part of sites. In DDOS, Botnets are utilized which are only a pack of bargained frameworks who have been tainted with an infection or trojan. A straightforward trojan can be conveyed as an open download, and if the clueless casualties download it the trojan may quietly settle down some place somewhere down in the framework and start up out of sight without the client or the framework consistently knowing. At the point when enough frameworks have been bargained along these lines the ace of the Botnet, the programmer who needs to DDOS a site may convey a message to the lethargic trojans on a few frameworks around the globe, which may then indivisually start assaulting a server. This can be exceptionally destructive to the site, which because of absence of assets, may close down for quite a while and even get defiled because of over-burdening. Further, since the solicitations for exchanges are originating from apparently arbitrary IP tends to all at once(the botnet), the casualty may never discover the personality of the driving force. 

In spite of the fact that I won't dive into the specialized subtle elements, here is a case of a genuinely prominent DOS device – HULK. Mass is only a basic python content that ceaselessly conveys vast bundles from haphazardly created IDs in order to trick the server. Once more, utilizing it from only one PC may not really do anything to any enormous sites, but rather it might have the capacity to cut down a little site, for instance your school's site in about a moment.

To play out this assault you require two things:

1. The python Engine (v2.x) – To run and incorporate the mass content. You can get it here :

NOTE : Download the second form just (for instance the present one is 2.7.13), this content does not work with the 3.x adaptation of python.

1. content – This will run like a typical cmd.exe window. It's a little compress file,Get it here :

For specialized points of interest, The official site is :

Hulk, Web Server DoS Tool 

At the point when all is done, you ought to have python installed, and document extricated. It would be less demanding on the off chance that you install Python to a root registry, for instance :


Likewise, put the record which you just removed in a similar root registry close by the PYTHON27 folder(In my case, I put the document in the C:\ directory).Again, both python envelope and the record are currently in the C:\ ). With all that done, how about we dispatch our DOS assault !

1. Open Run, type cmd to begin cmd.exe window.

2. Change index to where you introduced PYTHON and put , Type 'disc' at that point the registry (Case delicate) (cd= change catalog)

cd C:\PYTHON27

1. Presently start up the content as takes after :


(Compose the catalog of the record took after by a space took after by the site you need to assault (Don't really attempt this with google, since they tend to piece IPs with abnormal solicitations like the ones we are sending. You might be hindered from google for quite a while. On the off chance that you need to give it a shot, consider setting up a little site alone, or ask somebody's consent.)

You should now observe something like:


Give it a couple of moments then it will indicate what number of solicitations it has sent. A couple of more seconds and if the assault was succesfull you will see something like: 'Reaction Code 500'

When you detect this, take a stab at opening the site which may state : 'Asset Limit Reached' or 'Administration Unavailable' which means you have effectively cut down the site.

In fact, most servers may incidentally deny all solicitations from your ISP (web access supplier) and thus your IP address implying that you've not really cut down the site for the world however just for yourself(The site restricted you). This is the reason DOS isn't as viable as DDOS. At the point when the server needs to over and over deny a few IP addresses, it genuinely comes up short on assets for anybody needing to open the site.
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Friday, 6 April 2018

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Top 5 books for hackers.

Top 5 books for hackers

The majority of us need to figure out how to hack Facebook, Gmail or WhatsApp. Barely any need to pick up hacking just to demonstrate great impact on others. However, hacking learning additionally brings a decent vocation opportunity. On the off chance that you know hacking, you can begin your vocation as a moral programmer and procure great cash. With the expanding utilization of cell phone and web, it is getting to be vital to secure information and gadgets. Along these lines, the need of programmers is likewise expanding. Infiltration analyzer, security experts, and system security administrator are couple of lucrative occupations in the market. The activity of programmers is to hack the system, application or gadget before influencing it to live for clients. Programmers help organizations in testing the security of the item. 

The vast majority of the huge organizations now offer bug abundance program and pay cash to programmers for discovering security-related issues. Thus, there is a major winning opportunity. 

In this post, I am posting few best hacking books to figure out how to hack sans preparation. These books will manage you to figure out how to hack framework, site, arrange and different things. Section by part, you will learn different things which will help you in turning into a halfway level programmer from fledglings.


This book is for apprentices who need to gain from extremely nuts and bolts. This book shows nuts and bolts about the PC, PC security, organize, conventions, malware and essential scripting. The writer of this book is an outstanding programmer who began hacking and programming since he was fiver years of age. He has talked at different security gatherings and performed instructional classes.


This is another pleasant book to figure out how to hack for apprentices. This book additionally covers numerous points sans preparation to help in understanding things in better way. This book will enable you in getting right personality to set required for being a programmer. You will learn various types of programmers, assaults and how to hack.


Metasploit is notable structure for the infiltration analyzer. This isn't for apprentices however subsequent to knowing the nuts and bolts, you can begin learning Metasploit.

4. Hacking For Dummies

Hacking for DUMMIES is extraordinary compared to other books to take in hacking from nuts and bolts. It covers the majority of the center regions around securing an IT foundation, physical security and working frameworks, remote, portable applications, applications and that's just the beginning. This book is a standout amongst other books to take in hacking from nuts and bolts.


This book covers nuts and bolts of infiltration testing. It covers all the underlying level infiltration testing devices including Backtrack Linux, Google, Whois, Nmap, Nessus, Metasploit, Netcat, Netbus, and the sky is the limit from there. On the off chance that you need to be an entrance analyzer, you can purchase this book and learn.

These are the few books you can read to begin finding out about hacking. You can purchase books one by one and learn. Give it time and keep in mind to learn with practicals. The hypothesis is only for the idea, so never skirt the theme without testing how that functions.
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